Just like catching strong but elegant movements, a flavor of passion, a taste of tenderness in a whirlwind of dance, when soft swirling of her dress is in perfect harmony with his manly step, we intertwine art and creativity with each moment of your wedding reception and help you realize your dream; after all, it is not only the festive event that matters, but also your emotions, your beauty, your love now, tomorrow, and forever..This is an ode to your love, a celebration of your friendship; and your wedding is about to become the most amazing cover of your book that you will fill with memories later. We are here when your dreams come true....


Lana & Aleks Photography was created in 2008, as a professional photo and video company (Pro Photo) in Europe, specifically for the huge show projects like Dancing with the Stars, in order to provide photo and video shoots for multiple great actors, dancers, and Stars! Wedding photography quickly became an important service provided by our company, since we know how to catch each important moment and how to make photos unique and special. Lana & Aleks Photography also educates couples and quests how to strike the best poses ever!

Lana & Aleks Photography is a wedding photography company based Los Angeles and that combines art and creativity into every photo of your special day. This wedding and portraits photography company wants your wedding album to be more than just a collection of pictures on your wedding day. Lana & Aleks Photography strives to capture the elegance of every moment and the emotions in your beautiful love story to craft a set of images that will stay with you forever!

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